Whale tea

How Trinal Genius epos solution empowers milk tea shop

How Trinal Genius epos solution empowers milk tea shop

Whale Tea is a popular Chinese milk tea brand around the UK. When it comes to peak periods, shops are always packed with customers queuing the line which results in taking up a lot of the consumer's time. To deal with this problem, trinal genius provided a series of products to improve the ordering process. Products include a double-screen Epos terminal and a self-service kiosk with an online H5 ordering system. With the deployment of these devices, the quality and efficiency of service at WaleTea Greenwich has improved significantly

Double-screen epos terminal

A two-screen terminal equipped with the Epos system is the first equipment Trinal Genius provided to facilitate the experience, which enables in-store staff to see the order system meanwhile present the customised content to customers on the back-side screen. In the case of Whale Tea, they first put their brand logo on the back-side screen facing the customers to increase their brand recognition. When customers start to order, this screen displays the items with their pictures which is synchronized to the front-side screen to let consumers understand directly the content and the price of their orders.

Self-order kiosks enable customers to order without asking the reception

Whale Tea Greenwich is equipped with two self-order kiosks, which allow users to place their orders without queuing in front of the reception. This system is connected with the Epos terminal and allows users to browse pictures of all items and prices in both English and Chinese. Also, this system allows customers to choose the sweetness, temperature and extra ingredients for milk tea. In this way, this integrated self-service ordering system greatly saves shop staff time on ordering, improves the efficiency of the milk tea production and helps the shop to reduce employee costs.

H5 online order system

Unlike the previous WeChat mini-programme, the new version of the H5 online ordering system is web-based and users are not restricted to WeChat to browse and place orders. All that is required is for the mobile phone camera to scan the QR code and the interface can be opened via the browser.